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City of Hawk Point

121 W. Lincoln Drive | P.O. Box 302 | Hawk Point, MO | 63349 | 636.338.4377 | Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

New Website

Please leave comments and suggestions about the new website.

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Website looks good but I have a question , does Hawk Point just have one Tornado siren or is the siren on the fire department used as well .
Thank you ,

would like to see the capability to pay for utilities through the website in the future. But it is a great website.

Parks link would be helpful.

You write really good read, I think this article is full I feel a kind of cultural atmosphere, I hope the author can continue to maintain this mood, to continue to write articles so that more readers can feel this cultureatmosphere.

The website is a great start! Why doesn't it mention anything about the Fire Department? This is a very important link to the city and the men and women on the department do a fantastic job serving our community! It mentions community events...nothing about the Fire Departments Pancake Breakfast in March. Just some suggestions!

i like the new web page

This looks great! Keep up the great work!