City of Hawk Point

121 W. Lincoln Drive | P.O. Box 302 | Hawk Point, MO | 63349 | 636.338.4377 | Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

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New Website

September 22, 2009

Please leave comments and suggestions about the new website.

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This looks great! Keep up the great work!

i like the new web page

The website is a great start! Why doesn't it mention anything about the Fire Department? This is a very important link to the city and the men and women on the department do a fantastic job serving our community! It mentions community events...nothing about the Fire Departments Pancake Breakfast in March. Just some suggestions!

You write really good read, I think this article is full I feel a kind of cultural atmosphere, I hope the author can continue to maintain this mood, to continue to write articles so that more readers can feel this cultureatmosphere.

Parks link would be helpful.

would like to see the capability to pay for utilities through the website in the future. But it is a great website.

Website looks good but I have a question , does Hawk Point just have one Tornado siren or is the siren on the fire department used as well .
Thank you ,